Note: This may be the most important letter I've ever sent you...

It's Time to Cut Through the B.S. and
Get Straight to the Point.
If You Want to Make Your Living Online
  And You Want to Do it Starting  NOW ,
Then You Need to Read This.

In ONE DAY I Can Show You EXACTLY How to Create Websites That AUTOMATICALLY Make You Money...

  • without  your own products or mailing lists,
  • without  begging marketers to do JV's with you,
  • without  customer service nightmares,
  • without  turning your life upside down, and
  • without  spending a lot of money.


You can save 90% off the regular price ; this is a best selling ebook series that sells EVERYDAY for $97 at ), and you can get it for just...


How To Turn Sites Into Money - Building Money Making Websites Blueprint


" I just finished reading the "Turn Site's In to Money" ebooks and in my opinion they are the best purchase I have made for internet marketing information. NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS! I have two sites that haven't made enough money to pay their own way. This will soon change. I will also take advantage of some of the additional offers. THANKS! "

Dan Walling

"  JP you have done a great service with the books. I have read the first four books and have learned more in this short period than I have in the last six month. Thanks "

Rodney Pennington

" I just read the 5 ebooks regarding monetization of websites, and every one of the books is great. They all tell you in very easy to understand chapters what it takes to make money from your websites. Thanks to these books my adsense revenue is increasing and book 4 (lead generation) has inspired me to set up lead generation pages on my website. Thanks JP, you overdelivered again!  "

Karin Boode ,

"People email me all the time wanting to know how to make money NOW, not when they've built a big list and learned to write great emails and sales letters.

Well, there is no other system on the net that is faster at earning income. I've seen JP make money on sites he's had up for less than a day, WITHOUT using anyone's email list.

He builds the sites, traffic comes, and he makes money.

I've seen him teach others to do this, people who've never made money online before.

I've been working on the net for YEARS, yet I'm constantly learning new, simpler, faster and better ways to monetize my sites with JP's help.

He has a gift for turning blank websites into cash machines in just hours.

This ebook series details his system, start to finish. You can use this system on one site or a thousands sites, and it still works every time.

I especially like that it's both a strategic guide on site building and site monetization, and also a "step by step" process, so newbies don't need to fear it, they just need to jump in and get started!

It deals with latest Internet changes, including Google ones.

And you know what else? It's visionary. Current trends indicate that search engines may soon be outperformed by Web 2.0. Not sure what Web 2.0 is? When you've got JP's ebooks, it won't matter! Follow his step-by-step instructions, and you'll still be ahead of the crowd and making money with your sites no matter what.

JP is the LEADER in website monetization. Some of JP's strategies are so radical, so cutting edge, so out of the box, I'll bet you'll find them no where else.

Bottom Line... These are the ONLY ebooks I recommend to my mentorees on site building and site monetization.

If you want to make money online, then buy these ebooks now."

John Delavera ,


From: JP Schoeffel  

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Have you checked your email today?

If so, how many offers did you get for the latest info on how to make truckloads of money online?

I get at LEAST 10 every day.

Then there's the new program,
the new piece of software and
the new script that's going to make your fortune...

...just as soon as you buy it and integrate it with the other 9 bijillion things you have on your computer gathering cyber dust.

Seriously, how much money has this stuff made for you?

And why is it always so COMPLICATED???

There's always another step, another thing you need to do BEFORE you can start making money.

For example, I got an email today explaining how EASY it is to make six figures per year writing and selling ebooks on your hobbies, like gardening and auto restoration.



Take a look at how "easy" it REALLY is...

Steps to
Writing and Selling eBooks...

...Or Why Following Marketing Advice Can Make You

--Research the niche and decide how to target it.
--Write the book...
--Rewrite it...
--Get it edited...
--Write a sales letter...
--Make graphics...
--Put up a website...
--Write emails...

And these are just the highlights.
I'm simplifying to keep you from falling asleep.

Think you're done?
You're just beginning.

--Next, beg other marketers to promote it for you,
or figure out how to promote it yourself.

Whoops! People are STEALING your ebook.
Quick, add security features to your download area!

Now you've got to deal with your affiliates and customers...
...people who are having trouble downloading the ebook...
...readers with questions...
...readers who just want to "chat..."
...creating special offers for individual JV partners...
...paying your JV partners, etc.

Your customer service hassles NEVER end.

Kiss your evenings and weekends goodbye.

Here's the real kicker...

When you stop promoting your book... STOP making money.

And when your book is a month or two old, it's
and no one is interested anymore.

Sales plummet.

So it's time to start the whole process OVER again.

And I hope you saved your money from your ebook sales,
because it's going to be at least a month or two before you get your next book done. :-(


Let's face it...

...most of us do NOT have the time and inclination to do what
most of the "gurus" out there tell us we should be doing.

What we need is a way to...
quickly and

make a continuous stream of income online
without all the hassle.

For awhile Adsense provided that solution.

Just slap up hundreds of junk sites, and watch the money flow in from each one.

It worked.

Until the rules changed.

Putting up JUNK sites for Adsense no longer makes sense (or money.)

You might as well dig holes to put dirt in,
it's that dumb.

HOWEVER, I never looked at Adsense as the answer, but only as one part of the online money-making equation.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

I have been quietly making money online the old fashioned way...

I earn it.

There are companies out there that will pay you for clicks...

There are advertisers who will pay you commissions...

There are marketers who will pay you for traffic...

And there are billions of Internet users
who need what you can offer them.

Remember the line from the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams?

"Build It and They Will Come."

I've amended that.

The 2012 version is...

Build It And They Will Come

I have quietly cracked code...

...opened the online vault...

...and hit the mother lode of online marketing.

I didn't do it through luck or genius.

I did it the old fashioned way.


Lots and lots of work, to find out what DOES work.

I have a SYSTEM I've been using to make money online.

I've taught this system to select people on the Internet.

These folks are HAPPY, to say the least, with their results.

They're making consistent, ongoing income
without jumping through all the marketing hoops
the 'gurus' are telling you to jump through.

I'm not talking about making a million by next Tuesday, or by next year.

This is REAL.

This is a system that almost ANYONE can use to create an HONEST, ONGOING, STEADY residual income without all of the headaches of a traditional online business.

I can put up a site from SCRATCH in one afternoon,
and begin MAKING MONEY from it within 24 hours.

And you know what?

I'm not super talented.

I'm no Einstein.

But what I am is DRIVEN to learn EVERYTHING I can about how to monetize a website,
and I've been studying this info,
PRACTICING this info,
and quietly making a FORTUNE with this info for YEARS.

Do you need years to learn what I know?

This is going to rock your world, because...

In ONE DAY you can learn the basics of what I do.

In ONE DAY you can discover EXACTLY how to create the
RIGHT website that AUTOMATICALLY gets the RIGHT kind of
TRAFFIC that makes you as many as EIGHT (or more!)

With a little practice, you will get better and faster at putting these sites up, too.

If you're ambitious and want to create several sites per month, or even several sites per week, you can.

Imagine, you put up a website that updates itself automatically,
draws in traffic automatically,
offers the user what he is looking for (this is SO IMPORTANT)
and "closes" the sale for you.

It might not be an actual sale every time.

Maybe it's just a click to another site.

But the point is, everything on that site is quietly,
softly encouraging the user to take some kind of action
that puts money into your bank account.

And it's dong this 24/7.

It's like a sentinel, always on watch, always doing what needs to be done to satisfy the user and at the same time make you money.

And you can have AS MANY OF THESE SENTINELS as you want.

For example, imagine the person who isn't very skilled on the computer.

Or maybe he has a family and a full time job, and just doesn't have much time to work online.

Whatever the reason, imagine it takes him an entire MONTH to put up one website.

Now he's got his first site done, and he's familiar with the process. So he sets a goal of adding a new site every 2 weeks. That's a total of 25 sites in one year.

Now imagine that he only does "okay" with those sites, meaning over the next 12 months they each average $100us per month.

25 sites.

$100us each.

Per month.

Do you think this can be a good thing?

Do you think this is something YOU can do?

Of course it is.

And in case you're wondering, 25 sites is a whole lot easier than you think...

...because one of the things you'll discover in my system is how to increase traffic and profits by creating several related sites at one time.

You might not make $100 per month per site (or you might make considerably more, I don't know.)

I do know you'll get better and better with practice.

Frankly, $100 per month is on the LOW end of the scale for the websites I put up. Most of my sites do better.

A LOT better.

But I don't know how much effort you're going to put into this.

What I DO know, is that everyone I've taught these techniques to who have used them,
is either happy,
extremely happy,

...dancing-around-naked-in-the -moonlight
howling-like-a-dog and waking-the-neighbors-happy
(and where I come from, that's REALLY HAPPY!!!)

(you can check some of the testimonials I have received concerning my system in the last few weeks )

I must say JP Schoeffel that I do not like giving testimonials due to the fact that one's reputation and integrity weigh a lot on them BUT your most recent product "How To Turn Sites Into Money" is none other than superb!

As soon as I begin reading the first of the five volume set "From ADSENSE to VISITORSENSE" I immediately stopped and said I have to print these out so I can mark it up with my notes. I was reading the first volume off of my computer screen and just good not do it justice by writing down notes on a notepad.I need to highlight all of this nuggets and a-ha moments I am having because there are way too many valuable nuggets in here!"

Now that was just the first volume!! I can not get enough of all you share in this package and the way you break it down really makes sense and has already began improving my CTR, Traffic and other areas of my making money with my sites.

You MUST get this package! Congratulations JP on a fine set of ebooks definitely worth more than what you are letting them go for!

Mark Ress The Financial Healer



It took me years to perfect this system. I've distilled everything you need to know into five easy-to-read volumes.

You're About to Get Your Hands on 234 Easy-to-Read
Pages of Pure Profit-Pumping Money-Making Info.

It's NOT fancy.
It's NOT full of fluff and filler.
It's NOT theory.

Just 100% Pure Tested GOLD that will work for you, no matter if you're a newbie or the original Internet marketer.


The Visitor Sense Library

You Are About to Discover Every Secret
You Need
To Create Websites that Make You Money...

  • without your own products or mailing lists, without begging marketers to do JV's with you, without customer service nightmares, without turning your life upside down, and
  • without spending a lot of money.

Now you can begin earning a real income online, not in 6 Months or a Year, BUT TODAY.

This is The Most Comprehensive,
Up-to-Date and Unbiased Info On
Turning Blank Websites Into
Automatic Money-Making Machines

You Will See Anywhere.

I did not hire a ghostwriter to write this.

I did not regurgitate info I read elsewhere last year.

Every bit of knowledge in these three volumes comes from ONE place... hard won experience in the online trenches.

I make my living everyday on the Internet using this exact system.

I know what I'm talking about.

And while there are folks who think I'm crazy for sharing this information with you...

Too bad.

One Note of Caution:
This is for YOUR EYES ONLY.
This does NOT come with
private label rights,
resale rights,
give away rights,
or even "share it with your buddy" rights.

This information is VALUABLE.
It gives you up-to-the-minute
strategies, techniques and secrets,
many of which are found

Beware: if you think you've heard everything there is to know about monetizing sites, but you haven't read these books...

... then you're missing a major portion of your education.

I've engineered a process based upon the very best of the best techniques that WORK.

These are not the techniques being passed around like candy.

This is what works NOW,
not a year ago or even six months ago.

98% of what you see online about how to make money is rehashed info.

There are very FEW of us who are on the cutting edge.

I confess, I think more like a computer than a person. The Internet is my world, and the real world is almost foreign to me.

But imagine if you want to know the secrets of a strange place.

Do you ask a visitor?

Or do you ask a native who has spent nearly every waking moment either in that place or thinking of that place?

I live and breathe the Internet.

Let me show you the secrets...

Volume One


Discover why a pure AdSense site, built on some Overture keywords and a prayer, is nearly worthless, while a site that boasts an ebook, email list, webring of 10 different sites driving traffic to each other, covering a whole industry, with content generated by visitors, is worth a great deal (you can even sell it!)

  • Remember that "Adsense is Dead" report? And then all those "Adsense Isn't Dead" reports that followed? Smart marketers ignored ALL of them. Here's why...
  • Now that people are no longer making a "killing" in Adsense, you can make a great "living." Here's how...
  • How to sell online today (hint, what we did yesterday isn't working today)...
  • Click fraud, black hats, advertiser disgust, the "old" days, Internet evolution and where it's all gotten us today...
  • Why more options means HIGHER profits (Old school Adsense people disagree. They're wrong. Here's why)...
  • Web 2.0, social bookmarking, yelling versus conversing, and bottom-up marketing...
  • Why following the crowd will cost you money. Instead, maybe you should be doing the OPPOSITE of what they're doing...
  • Why the traditional adsense gravy train has derailed...
  • What most marketers don't know is that the new adsense train is highly profitable, IF you're one of the few who know the secrets to making it pay off...
  • A whole new way of thinking about your site...
  • The new to build sites with your visitors in mind (NOT your wallet) and the money will naturally come. Build sites with our wallet in mind, and you'll go broke...
  • Stop wasting money on random tools and tactics that are worthless to your bottom line, and focus instead on this ONE essential element, from which everything else will flow...
  • Why webmaster "blinders" might be costing you a fortune in lost revenue (and pissing your visitors off in the process)...
  • Discover how to conceive, develop and build profitable sites...
  • Find out how to turn your existing sites into money, even if they're currently covered with cyber cobwebs from disuse...
  • What vital thing you MUST do to get visitors to do what you want (click a link, buy a product, etc)...
  • How to find new untapped niches that are wide open. If you think the Internet is saturated, you need this info NOW. New niches open up almost daily, and when you know my system you can react FAST to grab profit from these overlooked goldmines...

Volume Two

Building And Developing Profitable,
Traffic Pulling Websites Step-by-Step

  • How to find the hot markets that have people searching for you at record pace...
  • Let others stumble around in the dark looking for money-makers while you KNOW how to find them...
  • The right techniques for creating highly profitable, traffic-pulling websites...
  • Why attacking your industry at the sub-niche level will DRAMATICALLY increase your traffic and your revenue, and exactly HOW to do it...
  • How to rank high in the search engines without resorting to tricks or questionable methods that can get you banned...
  • What Web 2.0 is, why you need it and how to use it to exponentially increase your visitors and your earnings...
  • The startling place to look for your most profitable niches (hint: it's NOT on the Internet!)
  • 3 places you MUST visit to research your new topic, and they won't cost you a cent...
  • Still looking for your next niche? Go to this site (sshhh, don't tell anyone I told you this) and you'll discover enough ideas to last you for months, even if you're building a new site every few days!
  • The critical element necessary for success with any niche...
  • How to do your own serious, high quality keyword research to get your sites ranking at or near the top in the search engines...
  • Two ways to use's massive traffic to fatten your wallet...
  • How many keywords do you need, exactly what kind should you look for, and which should you avoid at all costs?
  • My favorite keyword tool. I use it daily, it doesn't cost a cent, and most people don't even know it exists...
  • Building the site the right (profitable) way...
  • Marketing, tracking and updating made easy...
  • Nuts, bolts, multiple revenue streams and content...
  • The controversial part (don't hate me for this, I'm only the messenger)
  • Finding the right market makes all the difference in the world, and while it's not rocket science, it isn't easy, either, UNLESS you have these three things.
  • The faulty assumptions marketers are making that lead to their ultimate failures...
  • Know which free tools you've got to have and which ones to avoid at all costs...
  • Don't fall for the "high-paying" keyword myth or you'll lose money. Instead, focus on the 3 "right" types of words and you'll leave your competitors in the dust...
  • Forget everything you've heard about site design... here's how to do it RIGHT...
  • What secret ingredient you must add to your site to maximize your profits...
  • Forget the top down method all the "gurus" are trying to sell you on; bottoms up marketing is what your visitors are craving...
  • 3 places to get quality FREE content for your sites...
  • Place this simple object near your ads and you will increase your click through rates...
  • Why the usual method of website navigation is NOT the one that will make you the most money...
  • A super high paying niche you might consider...
  • 6 methods for driving massive amounts of traffic to your websites...
  • What you need to know about tracking and updating...
  • Increasing the VALUE of your site so you can sell it for big bucks (When you get tired of cashing your monthly checks, that is)
  • How to maintain your sites to keep the money rolling in...
  • How to simultaneously build several related sites that all drive traffic to each other and all earn you an ongoing income..
  • How to make EIGHT to TEN streams of income (instead of just one, like most marketers) from each one of your sites...
  • Ever heard about Silo Structure, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), but still don't know what to do with these terms? At least, I will show you how to combine those 2 concepts to build and develop the most effective websites you've ever dreamt of!

PLUS ...

I'll let you in on a secret...

I'll show you a special kind of site most people have never even thought of, is EASY to build, and lucrative.

In fact, I've personally profited exten$ively with this type of site.

Why would I share this secret with you?

Because it's a limitless and endless opportunity.

The market renews automatically, so there's no worry about competition.

And with this kind of site you can count on ravenous readers eager to click on your affiliate links.

Plus, it's super easy to build your traffic.

You can even build an email list of eager readers in no time.

And no, it's NOT Internet marketing ;-) To be honnest, I really had a hard time deciding wether or not I should include this part in my ebook...It's like an ATM in my Internet Marketing Arsenal. When my income drops a little bit, I just build a new site using this "technic" and it gets back to its regular level!

These few pages are worth 10 times the price of the whole package. You'll better understand why when you see what it is!

  • Beyond the Silo Structure and LSI model, or how you can "create" the future. A deep exploration of tomorrow's working models...

Volume 3

The AdSense Beast Dissected 

Tips, Tricks and Tactics to
Get the Most Out of AdSense
( And Any Other Pay-Per-Click Program )

Did you have a site (or maybe MANY sites) that were making good money with the old Adsense, and now they're earning NOTHING?

Or maybe you've never even tried making money with Adsense, because you heard a rumor that it's dead?

As Mark Twain boasted, "The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Adsense is very much alive...

...But the rules have CHANGED.

Those who know how to use the new rules to their
advantage are making money every minute of the day.

I'm going to show you how to make the most money possible with each and every one of your visitors.

You'll discover...

  • AdSense has changed dramatically... here's what you must know...
  • Why inexperienced webmasters complain they're making pennies with AdSense, while marketers who know what they're doing (such as you, after you read these volumes) are quietly cashing LARGE checks month after month...
  • If you're not careful, you'll discover first hand just how easy it is to get BANNED by Google AdSense...
  • . ..And then you'll discover it's nearly impossible to get "unbanned"
  • "Smart pricing:" A kick to the head or a boon for your business?
  • Why some of the most overlooked text on the entire Internet could ruin your future if you don't read it...
  • The four reasons why AdSense makes sense for your websites...
  • The "lost" profit equation for Adsense that cuts through all the crap and focuses on what really matters...
  • The good, bad and better of selecting AdSense domain names...
  • The two vital keys to your AdSense success...
  • What the lawyers "Suem" and "Getrich" can teach you about making money with AdSense...
  • Do's and don'ts you MUST know about your AdSense account. Mess this up, and you may not get another chance. Do it right, and you'll know how to make money for LIFE...
  • How to get the RIGHT AdSense ads on your page to make the most money...
A vital strategy you need to know...

Some marketers make the mistake of focusing all their efforts on Adsense, so they end up leaving more money on the table than they walk away with.

Adsense is a tool, not a strategy.

When done correctly, it's incorporated at the END of the website creation process to boost your already substantial income.

AdSense is merely one ingredient in a completely updated recipe for monetary success.

You'll see what I mean in Volume 3.
  • How relatively small adjustments mean difference between "adequate" earnings and "GREAT" earnings
  • Nasty tricks and unwelcome intrusions...
  • Countless ways to increase traffic...
  • Visibility, impulse, credibility, positioning, function, and staying on top...
  • Understanding the hot spots...vital!
  • Improving your earnings substantially with the "feeding" pattern of ad blocks
  • How to subtly attract your users attention for maximum effect
  • What does the two click problem, color psychology, and "ugly is bad" have to do with making money?
  • Using Adsense channels to track and fine-tune your site's performance...
  • What's going to make more money for you, text ads or image ads?
  • How to catch potential problems with click-fraud EARLY...
  • Are link ad units misleading or smart? Does it matter? The answer may surprise you!
  • How to locate and eradicate worthless ads...
  • The many AdSense ad formats, and what you need to know about each one...
  • Ad block relocation, cutting the worthless ads, design improvement, and external tracking...
  • How to get consistently higher payouts!

Volume 4

Lead Generation Decoded

Lead Generation is an Income Stream You Seldom Hear About,
Because Those Who Are Doing It...

...Are Quietly Making Fortunes!

Did you know that you can get paid as much as
$20 or MORE for each and every lead you generate?

And that generating leads can be a simple,
hands-off automatic process when you know how?

There are a multitude of niches that can simply never get enough leads.

That's why they're so eager to pay you top dollar for every lead you provide.

The money you make for each lead can be anything from less than a dollar... as much as thousands of dollars, depending on the type of lead and what that particular industry is willing pay.

Lead generation is actually nothing new.

Certain businesses such as financial, industrial equipment, insurance and many others have been buying leads for decades.

What is new is the ease with which ANYONE can
now generate these leads on the Internet...

...IF they have the inside information I'm going to
give you in this special fast action bonus.

When you know how, you can automatically generate leads from your websites quickly and easily. All you need is...

  • a website with a form traffic
  • the information in this ebook.

And you never have to worry about products or support.

I've been making a killing in certain niches, to be disclosed ONLY to those who purchase The Visitor Sense Library....

...And in this special bonus ebook, I will show you step-by-step EXACTLY how I do it.

I'll reveal...

  • How to add this lucrative income stream to many of your sites...
  • What you need to know to generate these leads...
  • The incredible ease of working with just one company (it's as simple as adding a block of code to your site!)
  • How to explode your income while working with two or more companies at the same time...
  • How to keep the companies you work with salivating for every lead you provide them...
  • Why you almost NEVER want to provide an incentive to your leads... it creates crappy leads that are practically WORTHLESS, here's why...
  • The different forms of lead generation, and why some pay so much MORE than others...
  • Tips to optimize your webpages for lead generation...
  • How to honestly and ethically sell the same lead more than once (Yes, you can!)
  • How to find the best buyers for your leads, including how to analyze them BEFORE you work with them, to choose only the ones that are RIGHT for you.

Lead Generation is a niche you seldom hear about, because those who are doing it...

...are quietly making fortunes!

So you really can't blame them for not sharing this info with others.

With the Information in This One eBook Alone,
You Can Easily Double, Triple or Even Quadruple
The Income from Every One of Your Sites.

Volume 5

C-Class Secrets  

You CAN Find The Difference Between BIG Profits And Losses
In The Little Known Details!

Your VisitorSense Hosting Guide

What's the biggest difference between you and those high-flying Adsense masters who are raking in money faster than they can count it? Within the 4th first volumes, you get the whole picture of Site Building and Site Monetization...but some details have been left out...intentionally!Why? Because those little known details are too important to be covered in the middle of other important strategic parts. And they deserve a standalone ebook. Think about it.  Business is a numbers game and making money with Adsense is no exception.  It's all about having the right approach and duplicating it again and again.  It's about taking marginally profitable single sites and multiply those net gains until they add up to a big stack of cash .

When that's our business, the little things mean a lot .  A small improvement here and a smart tweak there doesn't just add up fast, it multiplies itself instantly.  
The difference between the Adsense masters and those who struggling to stay out of the hole and to climb into profitability is a matter of detail.

You can learn the secrets the hard way.  You can experiment while you bleed red ink.  You can struggle as you try to graduate from the infamous School of Hard Knocks with honors.  You can figure it all out yourself over time.  Each tick of the clock is another second during which you aren't making the kind of money you want.  Every passing hour is another opportunity wasted.

The smart thing to do?  Shorten the learning curve, reduce the suffering and go from striving to doing.

I know some details.  They are the kind of things you've probably overlooked.  They are the kind of things that won't make it into any of those big, bad Adsense guides or into any "comprehensive" guide to search engine optimization.  These are details.  They aren't magic, but they seem that way.  They are simple, easy-to-implement strategies that add up to big profits.  

I put them into  C-Class Secrets and you can get them today.

This is the kind of nuts and bolts information that separates earners from wishers.  

The difference between success and disappointment is in the details.  I'd like to share some of those details with you.

C -Class Secrets  explores the role of IP addresses in your business and how you can use that knowledge to improve your earnings. Needless to say, this issue has never been addressed in a "Site Monetization" ebook C-Class Secrets  covers...

  • IP address basics.   You don't have to be an IT tech to use this book.  It's broken down for easy understanding.
  • Shared IP addresses and why you have them.  You may have heard the term, but do you know what it means with respect to SEO?
  • The C-Class and why you need to know about it.  Three little numbers in every IP address that can make a huge difference. How and why.
  • Solving C-Class problems.  Knowing the score is only half of the battle.  You need to know how to win, too.
  • Making smart hosting decisions.  Not all hosting options are created equal if you want to make Adsense money.


When people hear about IP addresses and C-class ranges, they have a tendency to slowly close their eyes and drift into sleep.  It's techy stuff. It doesn't seem to have a thing to do with the actual operation of a successful Adsense-based business.  It's ignored.

That's why I put  C-Class Secrets together.  It takes a topic many Adsense users "don't get" and makes it incredibly understandable. It's broken down every step of the way in easy-to-understand terminology. It reveals some important details to anyone who wants to make more.

What if you could discover a handful of little-known secrets that could help you...

  • Avoid the Google sandbox.  You could start making money with new sites faster and more efficiently.
  • Surge in the SERPs.  Buttressed by valuable links, your sites could go from "never found" to the "top of the charts" at Google.
  • Increase your flexibility.  You could erase cross-linking concerns that have been holding you back.
  • Cash bigger checks.  That's really what it's all about, right?  These details can help you to make more money and to make it faster.  That's the bottom line .

The difference between Joe Average and the Kings of Adsense?  The details.  Get those details now. In order to reach full potential, however, you need to have more than the "vision thing."  You need the details--the real components that rest on the line between a "good effort" and an "overwhelming success."

C-Class Secrets  shares information you can't afford to ignore. The moneymakers take advantage of the details.  The ad blocks on their sites look just like yours.  The per click payouts aren't any different. The size of the checks, however, are different. That's what understanding the little things can do for you.

Once you've built a profitable site with a
verifiable track record of making money...

...then you can SELL that site just
like you can sell any profitable business.

So if you're dreaming of retiring in the next few years, building Visitor Sense sites and then selling them can be your ticket to the golf course! A Strategic ecourse on Site Monetization won't be 100% complete if you could not have a complete overview of Traffic Generation technics. This is the purpose of the first bonus of this collection.


How To Turn Sites Into Money - Building Money Making Websites Blueprint

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Here's Why YOU Have a Tremendous Advantage
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There were many things I couldn't show on the videos, such as concepts, strategies, and processes...

So I saved all of those for this ebook series.

Plus, These eBooks Also Contain Many Secrets
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So the ONLY Question Left Is,
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By the way, if you think you might find the same info I'm offering you here elsewhere on the net, you're right.

Sort of.

What you're going to find elsewhere is a watered-down distillation of a mess...

...something that contains pieces of what I teach...

...leaves out key elements...

...and then mixes in other techniques to make their book look fatter...

...and to confuse the &#^%@! out of you.

In any given area of expertise there are always a very small handful of experts,
and a TON of wannabees
who take the experts' info
and rewrite it and
call it their own.

The sad fact is, 98% of the marketing info you buy online is written by someone who simply read someone else's book!  

You either get the REAL story from someone who's using this hard-won knowledge day in and day out to make their living...

...or you will get the info in some kind of
look-a-like form.

Exactly how much good will that do you?

since The Video Sense Library is super affordable,
odds are you will pay MORE
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Enough said.

It's time to step up to the plate.

You've been saying for YEARS
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You want the income.

You want the FREEDOM the income can provide for you.

And you're willing to take the next step and discover for yourself EXACTLY how to make that dream of yours come true.

The price for freedom?Volumes 1, 3 & 4 could easily be sold for $67 to $97. Volume 2, alone is worth 10 times the total asked price......What would be a fair price for such a value proposition...$297? Fair, isn't it? ......$197? a steal, don't you think?
$147? "Come on JP, you're not going to give away such a value for such a low price! You have to value your work!" (this is what one of my partner replied when I asked him to review the system)
Guess What?It could be the price you'll pay...

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  • Access to the Complete System Volume 1 : From Adsense to VisitorSense
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  • Volume 3 : Adsense Dissected (and any other PPC program)
  • Volume 4 : Lead Generation Decoded
  • Volume 5 : C-Class Secrets
How To Turn Sites Into Money - Building Money Making Websites Blueprint

You can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year at anytime! It doesn't matter if it's 2 a.m.! All the ebooks and bonuses are available for instant download in the private members area .

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Derek Tither ,

JP Schoeffel

P.S. You've seen for yourself how easy it is to get distracted on the net.

We are constantly bombarded with new programs and opportunities daily.

But success is almost invariably the result of ONE thing...


You can continue to get distracted and pulled every which way,
or you can do ONE thing,
do it really well,
and be set for the rest of your life.

What you'll discover in these manuals can
lay the foundation for a lifetime of success.

There will almost certainly always be millions of advertisers and companies willing to pay you for referrals, clicks and purchases.

And there will always be billions of people on the net looking for answers.

When you know how to successfully put these two groups together, you are providing a valuable service for all involved, and getting paid in the process.

The hard work has already been done for you.

I've done the research, experimenting, and testing. I've already made the mistakes and discovered the 100's of things that DON'T work.

And through this process, I've learned what DOES work, and work very well.

That's why your income is limited only by
how well you can follow directions
and how many sites you want to create.

You're not going to get rich overnight.

In fact, you may never get rich.

But when you use this ONE skill you're about to own,
you will build a stable,
long term income that you can RELY on,
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It's time to step up to the plate,
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